Celebrating National Careers Week with UCAS

National Careers Week is a crucial initiative aimed at promoting and highlighting the significance of career development and guidance for individuals of all ages. This annual event brings together schools, colleges, employers and career professionals to focus on the importance of career planning. Additionally, the week is an opportunity to explore skill development, opportunities for lifelong learning and networking as well as career guidance.

Alongside higher education and training, one of the most important career pathways is apprenticeships, which allow people to earn whilst they learn and develop relevant and in-demand skills, thereby improving their employability and opportunities within the labour market.

This year, The St Martin’s Group is spotlighting our partners at UCAS, for making huge strides in expanding its system to feature both undergraduate and apprenticeship routes on the platform. The launch of the apprenticeship service in October 2023 has brought greater parity to the way school students think about and explore the next steps of their education. This service makes it easier for young people leaving school to consider apprenticeships alongside traditional undergraduate study, helping them make more informed decisions about the best route forward.

The response to this service has been significant; UCAS has already seen more than two million unique searches for apprenticeships every year, but the implementation of this service has seen this rise even further and more people registering with UCAS are expressing an interest in taking up an apprenticeship.

As the number of 18-year-olds in the UK population is set to increase over the remainder of the decade, a more competitive landscape for all post-18 education will emerge. By supporting students to explore all pathways through education, UCAS will help them make the right choice for their best next step. Likewise, employers will be able to tap into a new future talent pipeline to meet their business needs and fill critical skills shortages.

Alongside this, from Autumn 2024, UCAS is going to introduce a CV builder tool. This crucial development will be available in the UCAS Hub alongside the Career Quiz, Employer Profiles, Application Guides and Accommodation Advice.

At The St Martin’s Group, we welcome the increasing diversity in the opportunities presented to young people as they work out what the best next steps are for them. National Careers Week is a fantastic opportunity to explore the many career pathways available, empowering people to play to their strengths and reach their full potential.