Sustainability, Quality and Growth in the Employer-Led Skills Market

Our Aims

Collectively, the Group encompasses the views of employers, training providers and awarding organisations. Being representative of the UK skills delivery infrastructure, provides us with unique insight, expertise and knowledge to address the current and long-term issues and ambitions of the sector.

  1. To be recognised and respected by policy makers and officials for providing evidence-based, practical solutions which promote sustainability, quality and growth in the employer-led skills market, and playing an important and highly collaborative role with governments in creating a world class employer-centric skills system.
  2. To increase participation in the workforce by raising the credibility and awareness of employer-centric skills programmes among potential learners and businesses.
  3. To promote increasing engagement and collaboration between leaders of employers, their training providers, awarding organisations and other industry associations for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our Position

The St Martin’s Group actively seeks to engage with policymakers in order to help steer the direction of the development of the skills system in the UK. This requires a flexible approach to address both the immediate challenges as well as remaining relevant to the evolving landscape.

Our desired direction for action represents the view of the Group and its members, and includes:

Providing a stable policy environment in which the skills system can flourish, benefitting individuals, organisations and the economy.
Championing an employer-led skills system which empowers and enables organisations to design and request the training that is most needed.
Widening access to all levels of apprenticeship and skills training to reach a bigger demographic and provide a clear pathway throughout an individual’s career.

Ensuring employers remain at the heart of the skills system and in particular how use of the apprenticeship levy is priortised.


Supporting SMEs in identifying the most appropriate training and funding routes (and calling for greater funding) to ensure they engage with the skills system and realise the full benefits.


Allowing those learners wishing to retain the ‘degree’ element of their degree apprenticeships to do so, if supported by employers and providers.

Our Manifesto

The St Martin’s Group is pleased to publish its ‘Manifesto for our Future Skills System’. It outlines specific commitments which include measures for broadening participation, simplifying careers advice, enhancing the employer voice, promoting innovation, and establishing a stable and sustainable funding system.