Join the Skills Revolution

This week the Department for Education (DfE) launched several major skills and further education initiatives to kickstart its ‘Join the Skills Revolution’. This multi-channel campaign urges employers to get involved and make the most of the growing national appetite for skills development in the workforce.

With research from the DfE indicating 70 per cent of workers are interested in developing their skills in 2022, and a further 39 per cent of the workforce valuing on-the-job training, employers can capitalise on this trend to help fuel the economic recovery, drive stronger business performance and boost growth.

There is a huge range of training and employment schemes available for businesses looking to upskill their workforce capabilities, from apprenticeships and traineeships to T-Levels, including:

  • ‘Get the Jump’, which brings together, for the first time, all education and training choices for young people (aged 14-19) to help them gain skills for life, signposting them to new pages on the National Careers Service at
  • Skills for Life, which aims to support adults to develop their skills by bringing together government-backed skills and training opportunities in a new single campaign and website at
  • ‘Join the Skills Revolution’, which aims to increase employers’ awareness of government training and employment schemes, helping business’ economic recovery by upskilling their workforce. Find out more at
  • Your Skills, a new campaign that calls on skilled professionals to share their valuable expertise and train the next generation of workers in their field by teaching in further education. Find out more at

Additionally, there are a number of new toolkits available to help amplify the campaign’s message to young people, adults, providers and employers alike around the country, which are available to download here:

For more information, visit the DfE’s further education hub here: